Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Behind the Scenes 2

Photographs of musicians, staff, other personnel, places and things connected with the festival production.

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  • Debbie Conner from
  • Kiyoshi ''Lion'' Kobayashi and Patti Maxine.
  • Dr. Kris Oka and Patti Maxine.
  • Owana Salazar, Carmel Lay, Ivan Lay, and friends.
  • Ross Ka'a'a, Alan Akaka, Alexis Tolentino, Brandon Hirata, Kawika Hoopi'i, and Shane Akoni Dellomes.
  • Patti Maxine and Alan Akaka.
  • Joerg Schubert and Gale Warshawsky.
  • Ho'olaule'a guests.
  • Ho'olaule'a guests.
  • Ho'olaule'a guests.
  • Ho'olaule'a guests.
  • Ho'olaule'a guests.
  • Meaghan Owens and friend.
  • Gale Warshawsky.
  • Gale Warshawsky.
  • Ho'olaule'a guests.
  • Victor and Kala'e Punua.
  • Ho'olaule'a guests.
  • Kaipo Asing with John and Roberta Vogel.
  • Michael and Liana Soong with Senator Daniel K. Akaka.
  • Shane Akoni Dellomes and Caroline Nightingale.
  • Carmel and Ivan Lay.
  • Noriko Tomita with Shuji Tomita behind her.
  • Ho'olaule'a guests.
  • Perplexed at the festival information booth with Glen Keliikoa, Patricia Kuwaye, Louise Lambert, Joel Katz, Alan Akaka, and Addison Ching
  • Senator Daniel K. Akaka with festival guests.
  •'s Debbie Conner interviewing Addison Ching live.
  • Debbie Conner interviewing Addison Ching between open stage hosting duties.
  • Alan Akaka and Meaghan Owens.
  • Addison Ching and Ralph Czitrom.
  • Chuck Hughes showing his steel guitar to festival guests.
  • Senator Daniel K. Akaka with Tadashi Arakawa.
  • Tadashi Arakawa, Michiko Akaka, and Yoshiyuki Endo.

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Photography by Colleen Ricci ©2014 by Colleen Ricci and HIMELE.

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