Maui Steel Guitar Festival


A vintage steel guitar exhibit from the collection of Geri Valdriz was presented to festival guests.

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  • Geri Valdriz at his vintage steel guitar display.
  • Information sheet for a 1934 Rickenbacher Frypan Model A-25 (partially visible.)
  • 1963 Fender Champion.
  • 1937 Rickenbacher Student Model 59.
  • 1937 Rickenbacher Silver Hawaiian.
  • Information sheet for the 1937 Rickenbacher NS 100 Silver Hawaiian.
  • 1947 Gibson Model BR-9.
  • 1947 Gibson Model BR-9 Matching Amp.
  • 1954 National New Yorker.
  • Oahu Tonemaster.
  • Information sheet - Oahu Tonemaster.
  • A collection of vintage steel guitar bars and picks.

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Photography by Colleen Ricci ©2014 by Colleen Ricci and HIMELE.

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