Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Saturday Kanikapila

The Saturday Kanikapila was one of two nightly jam sessions where festival guests could bring their instruments and amplifiers and play along with the festival's featured steel guitarists and musicians.

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  • Saturday's Kanikapila was held in the hotel's Kanahele room and was well attended by a variety of musicians and guests..
  • Kaipo Asing and Owana Salazar.
  • Clockwise from lower right: Steel guitarists Greg Sardinha, Kiyoshi "Lion' Kobayashi, Addison Ching, Mālie Lyman, Gary Aiko on bass, Meaghan Owens on guitar, Tadashi Arakawa on ukulele, and Alan Akaka.
  • Cindee Burkitt, Patti Maxine, and Jeff Au Hoy.
  • Steel guitarists clockwise from lower right: Anthony Locke, Ron Carter, Jack Aldrich, Greg Sardinha, Addison Ching, Mālie Lyman, Owana Salazar, and Jeff Au Hoy. Other musicians: Gary Aiko, Meaghan Owens, Tadashi Arakawa, Larry Prather
  • Glen Keliikoa and Meaghan Owens.
  • Tadashi Arakawa, Owana Salazar, and Jeff Au Hoy.
  • Addison Ching and Mālie Lyman.
  • Meaghan Owens and Mālie Lyman.
  • Cindee Burkitt, Bryan Rise, Anthony Locke, Ron carter, Jack Aldrich, and Greg Sardinha on the sound board.
  • Kaipo Asing plays along with a kanikapila guest.
  • Addison Ching, Alan Akaka, Sandy Sardinha, and Sharon Ching.
  • Michiyo Amundsen and Michiko Akaka.
  • A room full of musicians and guests.
  • Steel guitarists Patti Maxine, Jeff Au Hoy, and Ron Carter with Gary Aiko.
  • Owana Salazar.
  • Ralph Czitrom and Kathy Collins.
  • Kathy Collins.
  • Ralph Czitrom and Kathy Collins.
  • Tadashi Arakawa and Owana Salazar.
  • Brian Rise, Anthony Locke, and Ron Carter observed by Shuji Tomita
  • Senator Daniel K. Akaka, Glen Keliikoa, and Meaghan Owens.
  • Julie Hendriks.
  • Larry Prather and Julie Hendriks
  • Glen Keliikoa and Meaghan Owens.
  • Another view of the kanikapila musicians and guests.

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