Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Saturday Open Stage - Ke Kula Mele Hawaii

One of Saturday's Open Stage Sessions presented select Hawaiian steel guitar students of Ke Kula Mele Hawaii School of Hawaiian Music, accompanied by other Ke Kula Mele Hawaii students. Steel guitarists performed individually and as a group steel guitar ensemble playing an arrangement of "Ka Wai A'o Namolokama" for three steel guitars created by Kumu Alan Akaka.

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  • Ke Kula Mele Hawaii musicians: Pūloku Hayes, Ronald Tolentino, Alan Akaka, Lilikalani Punua, Alexis Tolentino, Dave ''DK'' Kolars, Mālie Lyman, Michiko Akaka, Noriko Tomita, Keen Ching, Gale Warshawsky, Addison Ching.
  • Llilikalani Punua.
  • Lilikalani Punua, Michiko Akaka, Dave ''DK'' Kolars, Addison Ching, Noriko Tomita, Gale Warshawsky.
  • Alexis Tolentino.
  • Alan Akaka, Pūloku Hayes, Alexis Tolentino, Mālie Lyman, Ronald Tolentino, Lillikalani Punua, Dave ''DK'' Kolars, Keen Ching, Noriko Tomita, Michiko Akaka, Gale Warshawsjy, Addison Ching.
  • Gale Warshawsky.
  • Ronald Tolentino and Pūloku Hayes.
  • Alexis Tolentino and Mālie Lyman.
  • Māllie Lyman and Keen Ching.
  • Gale Warshawsky.

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