Maui Steel Guitar Festival


Various steel guitar workshops and hula workshops were offered on Saturday but inclement weather forced cancellation of some early afternoon workshops as the performance venue was relocated indoors.

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  • Alan Akaka conducted a ''Steel Guitar 101'' workshop.
  • Some of Alan's workshop participants.
  • More workshop participants.
  • Alan demonstrates the steel guitar to workshop participants.
  • Workshop participants.
  • Duke Kaleolani Ching was one of several steel guitarists leading a ''Talk Story'' workshop.
  • Greg Sardinha also led the Talk Story workshop.
  • Duke Kaleolani Ching and Patti Maxine, another workshop leader.
  • Talk Story workshop participants included Jim Newberry and Warren Barnes.
  • Kumu Hula Kapua Hollands (right), daughter of Duke Kaleolani Ching, also gave a presentation at the Talk Story workshop.
  • Karen and Ralph Czitrom at the Talk Story workshop.
  • Japanese steel guitarist Kikuo Urushihara takes a picture at the Talk Story workshop.
  • Talk Story workshop participants included Warren Barnes.
  • Dave ''DK'' Kolars conducted a workshop on Steel Guitar Building. Dave reviews handouts with Ralph Czitrom and Jim Newberry.

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