Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Behind the Scenes

Photos of festival performers, guests, and activities.

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  • Sunrise over the hotel grounds.
  • Sunrise at the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel.
  • Alan Akaka, Marilyn Marzell, Patti Maxine, and Greg Sardinha.
  • Larry Holu.
  • Larry Holu.
  • Shinichi Kakiuchi and Tadashi Arakawa.
  • Shinichi Kakiuchi, Tadashi Arakawa, Kathy Collins, and Kiyoshi ''Lion'' Kobayashi.
  • Greg Sardinha, Kiyoshi ''Lion'' Kobayashi, and Tadashi Arakawa.
  • Sound engineer David Nakamura.
  • Kathy Collins dancing a hula.
  • Kathy Collins dancing a hula.
  • Teri Gorman and steel guitar demonstrator Daniel Tremblay.
  • Festival co-producer Bryant Neal.
  • Geri Valdriz posing as he did for his MauiTime newspaper article.
  • Lion Halau steel guitarists Nubuo Namata, Masako Wakamatsu, Sakae Machida, and Norio Usui.
  • Members of the Yokohama Hawaiian Music Academy. Leader Tadashi Arakawa is at the left.
  • Shirley Holu models the festival t-shirt.
  • Sandy Sardinha operated the festival store.
  • Emcee-in-training Alexis Tolentino with Mālie Lyman and Kathy Collins.
  • Steel guitar demonstrator Daniel Tremblay explains how the steel guitar works.
  • Greg Sardinha shows his playing technique.
  • Some of the CDs on sale at the festival store.
  • The afternoon audience watches the Yokohama Hawaiian Music Academy performance.
  • The audience awaits as Ke Kula Mele Hawaii sets up for the next performance.
  • Fountain display at the hotel.
  • Sunset at the Kaʻanapali Beach Hotel.

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