Maui Steel Guitar Festival

Elvis Tribute

Maui's Elvis tribute artist Darren Lee treated Saturday festival guests to a live performance including many popular Elvis songs. His backup band was Addison Ching, Joel Katz, and Greg Sardinha.

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  • Kathy Collins and Darren Lee.
  • Darren Lee and David Nakamura.
  • Kumiko Kakiuchi and ''Elvis.''
  • Shirley Holu and ''Elvis.''
  • The Next Generation and their friend also got in the action.
  • ''Elvis'' and The Next Generation.
  • Darren Lee belting out one of Elvis' songs.
  • Darren Lee.
  • Darren Lee.
  • Who's having more fun - Darren Lee or Julie Hendriks?
  • Darren Lee.
  • Darren Lee.
  • Darren Lee closed out his performance with ''Burning Love'' which is the name of his show Burn'n Love which apparently has ended its four year run at the Maui Theater.

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