Maui Steel Guitar Festival


Photos of various exhibits at the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel and Queen Ka'ahamanu Center.

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  • Some vintage bars and slides on display.
  • A vitage 1937 Rickenbacher Silver Hawaiian steel guitar.
  • A vintage 1936 Audio Vox Model 436 steel guitar.
  • A vintage 1960s Kay Lap Steel guitar.
  • A hand-crafted acoustic steel guitar made by luthier and steel guitarist Dave Kolars.
  • A vintage 1956 O'ahu Symphony steel guitar.
  • A vintage 1954 Bronson bakelite steel guitar.
  • A vintage 1935 Rickenbacher Model A-25 frypan steel guitar.
  • Some vintage artwork on display.
  • Vintage Hawaiiana maps on display.
  • More vintage maps.
  • Vintage framed map artwork on sale.
  • More framed artwork.
  • Weissenborn-style acoustic steel on display at the Queen Ka'ahamanu Center.
  • Information about Joseph Kekuku at the Queen Ka'ahamanu Center's Story of Hawaii museum.
  • Steel guitar album cover artwork on display at the museum.
  • The exhibit booth with Don Mitsuyuki, Geri Valdriz, and Al Nip. Photo by Addison Ching.

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