Maui Steel Guitar Festival
Tadashi Arakawa

Tadashi Arakawa

Tadashi Arakawa started playing ukulele at 10 years old and during his young age he received instructions of Hawaiian music from Tony Ohtsuka and Takashi Ohtsuka (Tony Ohtsuka & Palm Serenaders, who were called the "Big Four" of Hawaiian music bands in Japan at that time).

He now belongs to the Hawaiian music group "Kanika Pila" and is working on steel guitar and in charge of music arrangement. Kanika Pila is well known as a Hawaiian music band and plays traditional Hawaiian music. The group performs at concerts and live shows that are held periodically in Yokohama and other Japanese venues.

Arakawa is promoting and fully supporting the annual Steel Guitar Renaissance (festival) held in Yokohama since 2009. Every year 14 to 16 Steel Guitar players and/or their groups participate in this festival. This year, the 10th annual Steel Guitar Renaissance will be held on April 8th, right before this year's Maui Steel Guitar Festival.

He also manages a Hawaiian music school called Yokohama Hawaiian Music Academy. The school currently has over one hundred students studying and enjoying Hawaiian music, Ukulele, Guitar, Bass and Steel Guitar.

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